The fact is that most personal injury and wrongful death cases are settled before they come to trial. So why retain a Connecticut personal injury attorney?

  • Your personal injury case may eventually end up at trial.

  • An insurance company claims adjuster or defendant's attorney will likely offer a more generous settlement to an attorney who has a record obtaining successful settlements and verdicts.

  • The adjuster's function is to limit financial exposure and trials can be an expensive alternative to a carefully negotiated settlement.

  • Seasoned Connecticut trial attorneys have investigators and expert witness resources to support your case. 


I understand the physical, financial and legal challenges you are facing. Recognizing that car accidents can be devastating to the lives of my clients, I am fully prepared to handle the legal complications while you focus on recovering from your injuries. I will make sure everyone involved is receiving the care they need.

My office will work closely with you and learn the circumstances of your accident, collecting valuable information, including police reports, medical records and witness testimony that will help to prove your injuries directly resulted from a negligent driver.


I am committed to helping you obtain the maximum compensation for the physical, emotional and financial damages you have suffered. I will work with the insurance companies to explore all options for recovery, even in cases involving uninsured and underinsured motorists.

Contact my office now so we can start you toward financial and physical recovery.