Divorce Mediation

 When getting a divorce, couples often have long, costly battles over the division of property, custody and child support. As a Mediation Attorney in South Windsor, Connecticut, I help couples seeking uncontested divorces save money and reach an amicable dissolution of their marriage with sound divorce advice and information about the mediation process. 

 Quick and Successful Divorce

For divorce mediation to be effective, both parties must be willing to communicate openly and willingly. Doing so will not only save significantly on legal fees, but can also reduce the stress of a divorce and lower the chances that future complications may occur. 

 Helping You Stay in Control

Control should always be in your hands. As a mediator, I plot a course for both parties to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. If you have minor children I will always do my best to ensure that the best interests of the children comes first. 

 I take pride in providing my clients sound advice and dedicated legal representation. I have nearly three decades of experience and believe in working things out without costly legal expenses whenever possible. 



In the unfortunate situations where Mediation is not an option, I can help you through the contested divorce process as well. I will be a strong advocate for you, and never let you feel as if your life is out of your control. I draft all the associated divorce papers, including:

  • The summons and complaint
  • The separation agreement
  • The financial affidavit
  • All agreements on property division, custody and child support


From filing for divorce to trial if necessary I will be prepared to help you get what you want.  I am also experienced with post-judgment modifications or enforcing the terms of your divorce.   My office will always work to make the legal process as pain free as possible.